Tenant Participation Strategy


Homes for Life Partnership recognises the value of working in partnership with Tenants. The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gave tenants very specific rights to be consulted and to participate in the management of their homes.

Tenant Participation is about tenants taking part in the decision making process and influencing decisions about
  • Housing policies
  • Housing conditions
  • Housing related services
Tenant Participation is a two way process which involves the sharing of information, ideas and power. Its aim is to improve the standard of housing conditions and service. We aim to effectively involve our tenants in the process of developing and monitoring the services we provide and to promote active participation by our tenants in issues affecting their communities.


Homes for Life Partnership use a variety of methods to consult and inform tenants depending on the specifics of the issue(s) at hand. These methods may include:

Tenant Forum and Working Groups
The Tenant Forum or working groups may be used to address specific topics, rehabilitation schemes and/or policy review, when considered to be the most appropriate and/or effective method of consultation.

General Meetings:- We convene general meetings appropriate to the scale and importance of the discussion topic. Such meetings are arranged as and when required.

Local meetings
Local Meetings with tenants of an area will be used as a means of consultation if there are particular issues that affect that street or area.

Tenants Groups
The Company participates in a shared register of "Registered Tenant Organisations", maintained on our behalf by East Lothian Council. The Policy covering registration is available on request from our Office. We will positively encourage the establishment of representative tenants groups, whether they wish to be registered or not. We would expect the aims and objectives of any tenants group to be agreed by its members.

East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel
ELTRP is the umbrella organisation for tenants and residents groups in East Lothian. Their activities include supporting tenants associations to organise, respond to consultations and improve their neighbourhoods as well as encouraging new organisations to form. They are regular our Annual General Meetings.
More information and contact details HERE

We survey tenants to gather their views on our performance as a landlord and to highlight areas of service which require review. These will include:-
  • Satisfaction Survey - every 2 years
  • Repairs Satisfaction Survey - of all repairs
  • Post Allocation Survey - all allocations, within 3 months of allocation
Taking Account of Tenants Views
We take account of the views of tenants and where practicable deliver services that meet tenants priorities. Where our tenants establish groups or choose to be represented through broader area based groups, we will set up regular liaison meetings with them to discuss and feedback on matters of common interest.

We will continue to consult and/or provide information to any tenant who wishes to discuss housing or community matters on an individual or group basis.

Homes for Life will use appropriate consultative methods having regard to the rural location and distribution of our stock.


Each tenant will receive the following:
  • a newsletter no less than 4 times per year
  • an Annual Performance Review once per year
  • an Annual Report
  • a quarterly Rent Statement
  • briefings on topical items that may affect our tenants - for example changes due to the Welfare Reform
  • a Tenants" Handbook
  • copies of the Complaints Policy, the Tenant Participation Strategy, a summary of the Debt Management Policy (how we deal with arrears) and any other policies on requests


Tenants are eligible to become tenant members of the Company.

Tenant members can attend members meetings, nominate for election, stand for election and vote in elections for appointment of tenant directors to serve on the Company's board. Four board places are reserved for tenant directors.

We will continue to promote tenant membership as part of the initial allocation process and thereafter. Click HEREfor a membership application form. Membership Policy can also be found HERE

How can I become more involved?

Getting involved doesn't need to be hard work or to take a lot of time.

choose the level of involvement that suits you. The easiest ways to get involved are :
  • Reading any newsletters or information we send you
  • Talking to staff about what you think of our services
  • Fill in the feedback questionnaires we send you
If you feel you would like to participate more :
  • Join or set up a tenant's group
  • Become a member of our Tenant's Panel
  • Consider standing as a Tenant Director
The benefits of joining the Tenant's Panel are:
  • You will have a say in decisions that affect you as a tenant
  • You will influence and improve the services that tenants receive
  • You will be contributing to the company's better understanding of tenants and local housing issues
  • You will receive free training - eg admin skills
  • It's where most of our Tenant Directors started and gave them the confidence and skills to move on to becoming a Board member.
This the current list of registered tenant groups in East Lothian Register of Tenant Organisations

This is our current Tenant Participation Strategy