Right To Repair

The way in which our repairs are prioritised is normally highly successful in allowing them to be completed within the required timescales. There may occasionally be instances where, for whatever reason, a repair is not carried out in time.

"A statutory Right to Repair scheme exists, which specifies that certain essential repairs must be done within a limited timescale. Such repairs are known as "Qualifying Repairs" and tend to be small but urgent repairs costing up to £350.00".

How does the Right to Repair Scheme Work?

From the time that you report a repair or if the repair has to be inspected our contractor will have to complete the work within agreed timescales. Failure to complete the work on time will result in you being eligible for compensation.

The time taken to complete a repair will depend on the type of repair. The time starts from the working day after the repair was reported or inspected. For example, if you report a repair on Monday and you have been told the maximum time to complete the work is three days; our contractor will have until close of business on Thursday to complete the work.

Working days are seen as Mondays to Fridays.
Saturdays and Sundays and any public holidays are excluded and do not count towards the maximum time.

What type of repairs are Qualifying Repairs and How long should they take to Complete?

1 Day to Complete
  • Unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings:
  • Loss of electric power
  • Loss or part loss of gas supply
  • A blocked flue to an open fire or boiler
  • Loss or partial loss of space or water heating if no alternative heating is available.
  • Toilets which do not flush (if there is no other toilet in the house)
  • Blocked or leaking foul drains, soil stacks or toilet pans (if there is no other toilet in the house)
  • A blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Loss of water supply
  • Significant leaking or flooding from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • External windows, doors or locks which are not secure (eg following a burglary).

3 Days to Complete
  • Unsafe rotten timber flooring or stair
  • Loose or detached banisters or handrails
  • partial loss of water supply
  • partial loss of electric power

7 Days to complete
  • A broken mechanical extractor fan in a kitchen or bathroom which has no external window or door.

A further point to remember is that not all repairs will be completed within the timescales stated. There are a number of additional factors that need to be considered and they could result in a qualifying repair taking longer to complete.

Are there any exceptions to the Qualifying Repairs Regulations?

There are also some exceptions to the Qualifying Repairs regulations. Our contractors will advise you if the repair qualifies or if other factors mean that the repair will be exempt.

  • The exemptions to the Qualifying Repairs regulations are:
  • If the qualifying repair costs more than £350.00, the repair will be carried out under the normal timescale
  • If the tenant fails to give access to the property for an inspection or for the tradesman. Where the tenant re-reports the repair the process and timescale will start again. Compensation will only apply once the process has re-started for the same repair.
  • Repairs to common parts where shared costs are involved
  • Where the responsibility for the repair lies with the tenant e.g: rechargeable work.
  • Where the responsibility for the repair lies outwith Homes for Life, for example, a public utility company, i.e.: gas supply, water supply, power supply
  • Where there are exceptional circumstances such as storm, natural disaster or other extreme weather conditions
  • Where a specialist part or material is required or where terms of a guarantee will be infringed.