IMPORTANT NOTICE - due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of yourself and contractors please adhere to physical distancing measures. Contractors will be wearing all necessary personal protective equipment and will adhere to physical distancing measures.

Homes for Life Housing Partnership has an arrangement with:
  • R3 for reactive repairs and void works from 8 December 2021.
  • Kingdom Gas Services Ltd for gas central heating repairs.
  • Renewable Heat Strategies for air source heat pumps.

Phone Numbers

GENERAL REPAIRS - except Gas central heating, pest control, TV aerials
During Office Hours

Phone R3 directly on 03000 999 247 and their staff will offer you an appointment.

Outside Office Hours
For all EMERGENCY Repairs outside office hours that cannot wait until the next day, contact R3 on 03000 999 247 - except Gas Central Heating.


Our Contractor for Servicing and Maintenance of Gas Central Heating is:

Kingdom Gas Services Ltd
Freephone: 0800 389 9463
Telephone: 01334 650452

If you experience any problems with your system you should call 0800 389 9463. Kingdom Gas aim to ensure a same day response for breakdowns reported before 8pm each day. Calls received after 8pm will generally not be attended till the following day unless there is a risk to health or property. It is in your interest to contact Kingdom Gas as soon as you know you have a breakdown.

If you think you can smell a gas leak, NEVER attempt to find a gas leak yourself. Instead contact NATIONAL GRID immediately on the following number - 0800 111 999

PLEASE NOTE - if you call out an emergency repair which is either your responsibility or which is not a genuine emergency, the cost of the call out and the repair will be charged back to you.

Latest Quality Control Audit Report


Our Contractor for Servicing and Maintenance of Air Source Heating is:

Renewable Heat Strategies
07745 803723


All general repairs, excluding central heating, air source heat pumps, pest control, TV aerials are covered by a contract with R3.

The following outlines target response times for each category of repair:

Emergency - 4 hours
R3 will respond and make safe within 4 hours;
Repairs which cause serious damage to the building and/or danger to health and risk to safety, for example:
  • Total failure of electricity supply
  • Burst pipes & water tanks
  • Repairs where there is a security or injury risk
  • Toilet not flushing & no other toilet in the house.
Routine - 10 working days
R3 will respond and complete the repair within 10 working days
These cover repairs other than above.

Right to Repair
If you repair has not been complete within the required timescale please click here for more information.

Gas Central Heating

All central heating gas repairs are done by Kingdom Gas Services Ltd (0800 389 9463).

For Emergency situations-where you have a complete loss of heating; a leak which you have not been able to isolate; or where there is otherwise an immediate danger to life, limb or property- the contractor should arrange to attend within 2 hours.

For Urgent situations-where you have a partial loss of heating, or a leak which has been temporarily isolated- the contractor should attend within 24 hrs.

For Routine situations -which do not qualify for a quicker response under Right to Repair provisions outlined in the next section, these should be attended to within five working days.

Where parts need to be ordered, before a full repair can be completed, the contractor will try to minimise any delay or inconvenience.

Repairs Responsibility

Please check HERE for a list of Repairs that you are Responsible for.

Repairs Satisfaction

After any repair has been carried out we will send out a repairs response sheet to you. We also inspect a 10% sample of completed repairs. These help us monitor and improve the service provided by both us and our contractors. Your feedback is crucial, and your assistance is appreciated.