Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange Information

We operate a joint exchange list with East Lothian Council, East Lothian Housing Association and 40 other landlords called East Lothian X-Changes. This is hosted on East Lothian Housing Association's website.

Search for exchange properties using the exchange register search engine.

Scottish Secure Tenants have the right to apply for a mutual exchange. You can apply to swap properties with a Council or Housing Association tenant but you need the consent of both Landlords before you can move, and we ask that incoming exchange tenants pay their fist month's rent when they sign their Tenancy Agreement. If you would like to add your home to the exchange list, please fill in the on-line application form. Once your listing is live (this usually takes 1-2 working days), your property will be visible on the list to people searching, and you can print off a flyer advertising your home, should you want to put up flyers in your local area.

1.What is a Mutual Exchange?
A mutual exchange is when tenants agree to swap their houses, with the consent of their landlord(s).

2. Can anyone apply for an exchange?
Tenants of a Local Authority, Scottish Homes, Housing Associations or of any other Registered Social Landlord. Each Landlord is likely to require that applicants have held their current tenancy, in their own name, for a minimum qualifying period.

3. How do I find someone to exchange with?
We hold a joint mutual exchange register which gives details of people who want to swap.
Search for exchange properties using the exchange register search engine.

4. What happens when I find someone?
First of all you should contact the person and arrange to view each others houses. Homes for Life can provide check sheets to record your inspection, but you do not have to use these.

If you want to go ahead, you must get permission from both of your Landlords. Contact the Landlords and ask for mutual exchange application forms

Homes for Life's tenants - Homes for Life Tenants

Forms must be submitted to both Landlords.

5. What happens next?
The Landlords will normally visit and carry out a full house inspection. Both houses must be in acceptable condition, both rent accounts must be clear and tenancy conditions must have been complied with, before permission to exchange will be granted.

6. Does the size of the house matter?
Yes. A mutual exchange will not be allowed if it will result in overcrowding or substantial under occupancy of a property.

7. Are there any conditions attached?
Yes. In applying for an exchange, both applicants agree to accept each others house in the condition they are in at the time of exchange. The Landlord will not normally do any repairs that are the tenants responsibility.

8. Where can I get more information?
Simply contact the office and ask to speak to your Housing Officer.

You may also search for people interested in exchanging with you by using Homeswapper or House Exchange. Please note that we are not members of these services, however we may be able to help Homes for Life tenants with the fees if they want to move out of East Lothian.