How To Apply For A Property

Before you are able to apply for one of our houses, you must register with Homehunt. This is the system that we use for allocating our properties. You will not be able to apply for properties unless you are registered.

All available properties will be advertised on the Homehunt website. Adverts are also available in libraries, local council offices, Citizens Advice Bureaux and our office.

You can apply for a property by logging into your Homehunt account, by phoning the office, by letter, or by calling into our Haddington office. All you need is the address of the property you are interested in and your homehunt registration number.

You can apply for as many advertised properties as you wish at one time, but the property you apply for first will be used as your first choice if you qualify for more than one.

If you are successful in applying for a property, we will arrange to carry out a home visit and for you to view it. Please do not ask the current tenant to let you see inside an advertised property as this could be intimidating for them.You will be expected to pay the first month's rent when you sign your Tenancy Agreement.


Homehunt has approximately 33,000 thousand people registered across 26 Local Authorities in Scotland. Applicants only need to register once - not individually with each landlord. Recent changes also allow applicants to do more on-line.

Users can:

  • Register online by completing a simple registration form
  • Register with many Landlords, buy only completing one online form
  • Apply for priority passes
  • Apply for properties when they are advertised
  • Get feedback on your applications
  • Keep your details up to date if your circumstances change, and you can do all this online without phoning or visiting the office
Please complete all the relevant questions on the application form to register. Once you have submitted your registration form (either online or by post) you can also apply for a Priority Pass, if you feel you are eligible.When you register you will be asked to choose a lead landlord who will make any subsequent changes to your registration. You should select Castle Rock Edinvar, who place the adverts on Homehunt for Homes for Life.

There are 2 ways to obtain a Registration Form:

1. Register online at Homehunt

2. If you require a paper copy, please contact Castle Rock Edinvar with your name and address and a form will be posted out to you.

Once you are registered you will be sent information on how homehunt works, including information on priority passes, and a unique registration number. Once you have received your registration number, you can then apply for available properties. It is very important you don't lose this number!

To see our current available rented properties, click here

Please view our AllocationPolicy

Priority Passes are currently under review.

Please see Allocations History for information on turnover

Low Cost Home Ownership

East Lothian Council's Local Housing Strategy recognises that market prices are not affordable to many households who need to live in the area. This shared equity scheme is one of the many initiatives supported by the Council to help deliver affordable home ownership options. To find out more about the scheme, click on the following link: Low Cost Home Ownership

Mutual Exchange

It is possible that you are able to exchange your property with another tenant of Local Authority, Scottish Homes, Housing Associations and other Registered Social Landlord. For further information click on the following link Mutual Exchange