Board of Directors

The Company is run by a Board Directors who are volunteers from throughout the community. See Board Structure.

We are delighted to have Alan Brown as your Chair and Jamila Greig as Vice Chair, following elections of office bearers at the Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting held on 11th September 2019. We are also delighted to welcome new tenant directors.
The Board is now made up of :

Alan Brown, Innerwick (Tenant Chair -since September 2018): Joined the Board: August 2011
Jamila Greig, Cockenzie (Tenant & Vice Chair - since September 2018): Joined the Board: November 2008
Gordon Leitch, Gladsmuir (Tenant): Joined the Board: October 2003
Carol Widdowson, Gullane (Tenant): Joined the Board: May 2016
Luke Bullock, North Berwick (Tenant): Joined the Board: August 2018
Olga Krasteva, Cockenzie (Tenant): Joined the Board: August 2018
Donna Wight, Ormiston (Tenant): Joined the Board: August 2018
David Rose: Joined the Board: August 1998
Graeme MacGregor: Joined the Board: November 2010

Co-opted Directors
There are current vacancies for both specialist Directors and Tenant directors.

AGM Minutes