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Homes for Life is consulting on a proposed rent increase from 1st April 2020 of 2.25%. In order to continue to deliver existing services and invest in our stock the Company must increase its rental income each year.

For customers residing in one of our 20 ex East Lothian Council properties whose rents have not yet converged there will continue to be an additional 2% convergence premium. This means you will see an overall increase of 4.25% in your annual rent. Should you be affected by the additional premium this will be reflected on your paper survey form.

After reading our consultation document please complete our short survey response form, this is an opportunity for you to tell us what you think about the proposed increase and to help the Board make their final decision on the rental increase.

By completing our survey before 13th January 2020 you will automatically be placed in a prize draw to win one of six £50 high street vouchers.

The consultation on the following Policies concluded in November 2019. Please click on the individual policy to view content.

The consultation on the Allocation's Policy concluded in May 2019- the approved policy is HERE

Any changes to your household? Please complete the Any Changes Form. A word version is available HERE

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