Anti Social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour Helpline

If you live in East Lothian and are suffering from antisocial behaviour, a dedicated telephone helpline and email address is here to help. For further information, click the button below.


You can call the Community Wardens on:
Daytime - Telephone: 01620 829 917
Evening -Telephone: 01875 824 307
or email to is an easy, safe and effective way to report antisocial behaviour in your area. You may remain anonymous at all times

Trained staff will give you sources of help and advice, take details of your problems and report your concerns. This means that the Council, police and housing associations have more information to investigate antisocial behaviour.

The helpline is run by East Lothian Council working in partnership with Lothian and Borders Police, East Lothian Housing Association, Homes for Life and Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service.

To report antisocial behaviour in your area, call the helpline on 0845 601 8518 or email

East Lothain Council's Noise Nuisance team

Night Time Noise Service - 18.30hours - 03.30am on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night call 0131 311 3131

Day time noise (09.00-17.00) Monday to Friday 01620 827365

At any other time not covered by the Noise team call 0131 311 3131

Anti social Behaviour Helpline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 0845 6018518

Homes for Life is part of the East Lothian Antisocial Behaviour Partnership.

The East Lothian Antisocial Behaviour Partnership realises how antisocial behaviour can affect individuals and communities and will work together to support victims of and witnesses to antisocial behaviour.

We recognise that antisocial behaviour is not the responsibility of any single partner. Each partner within the East Lothian Antisocial Behaviour Partnership, with an interest in dealing with antisocial behaviour, will apply this policy and follow protocol when exchanging information.

The partners that are members of the Antisocial Behaviour Partnership are:
  • East Lothian Council (all departments)
  • Lothian and Borders Police
  • East Lothian Housing Association
  • Homes for Life
  • NHS Lothian
  • Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service
  • East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel
  • Scottish Children's Reporter Administration
  • Procurator Fiscal Service
  • Sheriff Clerk's Service
In general terms, this means that named employees of the Police, East Lothian Council and other partners are able to share information and implement a co-ordinated approach to address incidents of antisocial behaviour.

It is the mission of the partnership to prevent antisocial behaviour through initiatives, to intervene at the earliest possible stage, and to support individuals to change their behaviour. The partnership aims to rehabilitate and provide opportunity for change for individuals within the context of enforcement action that the partnership will invoke to protect and sustain its community.

Definition of Anti-social Behaviour

Your tenancy agreement states:
It is the responsibility of tenants "not to cause, commit or allow members of his/her household or invited visitors to cause or commit a nuisance to neighbours or use the premises for immoral or illegal purposes. In particular, not to cause nuisance, interference or annoyance through noise, anti-social behaviour, threats of or actual violence, or any damage to property belonging to neighbours or their visitors. This clause applies (but not exclusively) to any conduct or activity which amounts to racial or other forms of harassment, including: abuse and intimidation, creating unacceptable levels of noise or causing intentional damage or any other persistent behaviour which causes severe discomfort or inconvenience."

Anti-social behaviour is defined as:
"Someone acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household."
(Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Section 1 (1))

We will offer a range of services in order to deliver a proportionate and flexible response to the challenge of anti-social behaviour. This may include:
  • contacting the Council's environmental health department in cases of excessive noise;
  • visiting the offender, victim and witnesses to establish the nature of the incident(s) as part of the investigative process;
  • encouraging the effective recording of incidents through the use of written, video or audio diaries. Interpreters and/or the Language Line service will be used where appropriate;
  • using professional witnesses to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour where
  • offering initial non-legal remedies such as mediation and advice on coping with differing lifestyles.